Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Time to Play Questions...How Many Can You Answer??

Hello everyone!!! Feeling pretty good today! Been writing out some action plans and actually acting on them! lol Thinking about getting into event planning and video editing (which is a old pasttime of mine). Trying to find some creative ways to make money with my singing, dancing, and writing skills....any suggestions??

Feeling quite motivated and loving it! It's been a long time coming!! Also, I use Olive Oil root stimulator I believe it is but my scalp still gets flaky pretty fast. People are telling me to use sulfur but that stuff STICKS. Any suggestions for your girl?

Getting off early today so I am happy yay! God blessed me with a financial blessing and my sister is out of the hospital again. Yay yay! :) Are ya'll ready for January 20th!? I am and it's my sisters' birthday too!

Love is a crazzzzy thing! Have you read my new prose on Blogger's Delight?? If not go read it! Thanks! :)

A few words from Ralph:

The power of feelings

You can feel good for no reason at all. In fact, you can choose to feel any way you wish at any time and in any situation.
Whatever you desire, you desire because of the way you think it will make you feel. Whatever you avoid, you avoid because you don't wish to experience the feelings that you assume it will bring.
Yet the fact is that your feelings are not controlled by your circumstances. Those feelings are determined by how you choose to respond to various situations and events.
Your feelings in any moment are yours to choose. You can choose to feel the wonderful reality of your most treasured dreams long before those dreams have been fully achieved.
And when you do, you put yourself in a positive, powerful place from which you can surely make those dreams real. When you feel good for no reason, you immediately begin to create the reasons.
Choose each day to feel the way you wish to feel, no matter what is going on around you. And let your feelings pull you toward the fulfillment of your destiny.

Choose a destination

In order to make progress, you must know exactly where you intend to go. Choose a clear and specific destination, and then you can get busy going there.
Having a vague idea of where you want to go is not going to do you any good. Know exactly where you desire to be and you're already well on your way there.
The dreams that are compelling are the dreams that will motivate you to take whatever action is necessary. And the most compelling dreams are the ones with rich and meaningful details.
The goals you will achieve are the goals you can fully describe. Give real life and substance to your goals and you'll quickly begin to realize them.
You can choose any destination you wish for your life. So choose one that thrills you and compels you to be the best you can be.
Delight in the rich details of where you are headed. And you'll work your way steadily there.

-- Ralph Marston

Last Question: What can you do today to bless somebody??

Not much to say today, just checking in!



clnmike said...

Do a woman show.

MysTery said...

A woman show??

James Tubman said...

1) put yourstuff all over youtube and ay other site out there that lets you download videos

2) dont use sulfer

that does dammage to the dody

wash your hair with PEPPERMINT OIL

works wonders

when i got brades a little more than a year ago i had major flakes and this young lady cleaned my hair out with some shampoo and peppermint tea

i wanted this woman afterwards lol

my hair has never been that clean before in my life

i still use it today

as a matter of fact i used some th day before

trust me on this one

3) i hope obama lives up to his hype

4) no i havent but when i do ill tell you what i think

5) im already doing it lol

i hope i am

KeyZaNgeL said...

"Whatever you avoid, you avoid because you don't wish to experience the feelings that you assume it will bring"

That's so true...I was just talking to my boyfriend about this a few weeks ago. I usually avoid saying something back to him when he says something to make me upset because I know its just gonna cause this huge, long, drawn out cycle of us going back and forth trying to see who can make who madder. And I HATE confrontation and I hate for us to be mad at each other. But he was telling me that I should say something anyway...which is so stupid and I still refuse.

The Book said...

i agree with ole james

Anonymous said...
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