Monday, August 25, 2008

Just Believe

Tired of these negative feelings and self inflicted misery
The I hate yous and that n*gga lieing mentality
Expecting the worse and seeing it with my own two eyes
Wanting to believe in you
Whom I cannot see
A man who has yet to materalize
A beautiful brown piece of heaven
With a smile bright as the morning sunshine
Just need to have a little faith

Want to believe in you but it seems I can’t
Cause I’m afraid

Afraid of your touch
Your kiss
Your glance
Afraid that you will do me like he
and he
and he did
Tired of the ‘oh you were such a good woman’ apologies
Tired of the lies and excuses
Tired of all of these words cause they are useless
Looking for some follow through
That will follow me to you
Or you to me
Wanting a piece of this imagined reality
Of you

My stand up guy
My hero

With no limit to your ceiling
No limit to this life you are building
No limit to what you can achieve

No limits to your belief
In you
In me
In us

I want to believe that you are out there
But I'm afraid and it hurts
Looking towards the future with the past riding my back like a curse

And it's hard to believe in something that I have not known to exist
Someone who knows what it means to be in tune with his spirit
Someone just for me
Someone tired of the games
Someone human
Someone true

So please excuse me for being a little uptight
Yes I’m feeling lonely inside
But I'm too afraid to open up and feel
And allow someone in to fill this empty space
Crying out with every ounce of my being
Or so it seems cause my mind won't cooperate with a thing I say
I loathe hypocrites
Yet looks like I am a hypocrite today

So what do I do?

They say all things are possible
Should you believe
So I guess this is my battle
It is all on me
To let go of the past
Forget what they've done or didn't do
And visualize something my eyes cannot see
Step out with faith
Allow myself to feel
Feel your presence
Your magnificence
Your embrace
Allow myself to feel you
And know that one day God will bring you to me
All I have to do is believe


Mizrepresent said...

YES, YES, too girl!

The Diva's Thoughts said...


Muze said...

i LOVE this.

me too girl, me too.

i certainly feel you.

i do.

great great prose.

Eb the Celeb said...


T.C. said...

just keep believing you here me!!!

this is a piece that rings true for many of i can definitely feel you, but in time, in due time HE will come...and HE will be just right for WONDERFUL YOU

DJ Black Adam said...

I tell ya, you should let me drop an underground beat to that!

dessex said...

that was dope....very well put and inspiring.

vickysplace1 said...

I believed and god brought him to me. They call me Ruth and he is my Boaz.

aoc gold said...
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Rich said...


Someone has come a long way from telling it in a haiku.

FullComplexity said...


Simply believe... it sounds so easy to do, but its so freaking hard...

Don said...

GREAT prose, Mystery. I heard about you...and I agree, you have the right touch.

I've been there concerning the expressed sentiment and I too fall back on the sentiment that love will conquer if you just believe.

MysTery said...

Yes Miz and me too! lol

Thanks Diva!

Thank you so much muze, just trying to be like you. lol

Thanks eb!!

Thank you for the encouraging words t.c.! Love ya! how are you going to do that??

thanks des and thanks for stopping by!

thats whats up vic.

:) Yes I sure have, thanks Rich.

Full you are so correct, but we have to work for the things we want...

don you heard about me? what did you hear boy? lol Thanks man I love it when God gives me the words and I act write and write them down for others to see! lol

MysTery said...

I meant act right lol

jus butterfli said...

you stole this frm me!! go 'head & admit it! i KNOW i wrote this!! I KNOW IT, DAMMIT! (LOL)

ok. ok. maybe i didn't write it, but i FEEL it. relate 2 it. have said it. on MANY occasions.

i love it, 2!! :o) thank u 4 sharing...

peace! love! always!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Women! Always looking for something.......LOL. Just kidding. Don't come after me....I enjoyed the "Fire" as Eb called it.

MysTery said...

jus!!! LOL! You are a mess girl!! lol and thank you very much for the compliment.

thanks one man and you hush! No one is coming after you! lol

j.a.c. said...

I am SO feeling this! I'm RIGHT THERE right now. Trying not to be, but I am.

James said...
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James said...

La Ti Da nigga, La Ti Da. The interesting thing is that if you really wanted to you could have what ever you wanted but like Akeliah you are afraid of your own power and influence. I'm sure there are plenty of people that end up on the penealty side of events because they like to seem weak or abused; retarded, disfuctional, or at some sort of disadvantage...but the truth is simple: you can desire to have something that you fight against thinking it will hurt you...or you can be human enough to embrace the pain and experience from life, enjoying the blessing emotions of you feel instead of the calculations you think. Inhale love and exhale treasure because no one can take that in which you give freely. Peace...