Monday, January 05, 2009

Are You Living Simply??

Feeling good today! Almost over this cold...yay God! Thinking quite positive for the '09! Cleaned my house....yes! Need to donate some more stuff.

Been thinking about my anxiety about money and it stresses me too much. Have always been a person who loves nature and being self sufficient. So I figure it is time to get back to it. Been reading up on voluntary simplicity and simply living. You should check it out.

Here are some sites/blogs I came across:

I have been doing things like shopping at half price books, renting movies from the library, researching free classes and free events, using coupons, cooking at home, taking shorter showers ect. Need to stick closer to my budget though! lol

What about you??


Xcentric Pryncess said...

Hey sis! Thanks for stopping can steal the, I stole it too...Happy new year!

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Having balance with your finances is important. However, don't get so restrictive in thought that lack consumes you. It will only make matters worse.

What you may want to start doing is thinking of some creative ways that you can have more income. It doesn't necessarily have to be a part time job. Search out your talents and see what comes to mind.

The Book said...

get in there!!

FullComplexity said...

I need to keep it simple also. I checked my account today and was in shock....

I agree with Mr. Fitzgerald too. I need to think of more ways to have a second source of income.

Jimmy said...

I'm all about saving money!

MsJayy said...

Happy New Year Bella!
I'm all for "simplicity". Working on everyday, little by little.

Try not to stress about finances. Get creative with your talents & time. It's always good to be frugal but don't deny yourself completely.