Friday, February 13, 2009

My Earthday...yeahhhhhhh!!!!!

Long time no blog!!!!!

I am excited cause it is my birthday weekend! Yayyyyyyy!!! Go shawty it's your birthday, we gonna party like it's your birthday!!
Leaving early today and have monday off as well, so let's just say I am grateful!! I'm Ret to parrrtayyyyyy!!!!! :)

I am blessed to have a man now...that's right a M-A-N, not a boy. Lol. Anyways he has some surprises in store for me starting today....can I say I am flattered!????


Hope things are well with everyone and God has been blessing you. Haven't had much time to read or write any blogs just had to jump on here really quick and say HI!!!

Oh yeah, Chris Brown needs his tail WHOOOPED!!!!! That is such a shame man. Hope he gets some help...

From my boy Ralph:

Give kindness, and it keeps going. Give kindness, and it continues long past the original expression.
Kindness inspires more kindness. A little bit of kindness can go a long, long way.
But why stop with just a little? Offer great kindness, again and again, and you truly change the world.
Think of how good it feels when someone is kind to you. Make it your goal to pass that feeling along to others every chance you get.
Give kindness and something amazing happens. Your own strength, confidence and joy will increase.
Add some kindness to your world today. And see the positive benefits as it continues to grow beyond you.

Accomplishment is contagious. Catch it from yourself.
Experience how great it feels to accomplish a little bit. And you'll find yourself going for more and more.
Know the confidence that comes from being able to get something done. And you'll realize that anything is within your reach.
You are immensely creative and productive and effective in your own special way. Continue to examine, explore, and refine your understanding of the passion that lives at your very core.
Put some time into doing what feels right and natural and joyful for you. You'll be amazed and delighted at what you can accomplish.
Effort is truly a joy when it aligns with your purpose. Find that purpose, make that effort, and get yourself passionately hooked on accomplishment.

-- Ralph Marston

I almost forgot, HAPPY LOVE DAY PEOPLE!!! Go show someone you care!

Much love! Peace out!!


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Happy birthday girl!!! ENJOY!!

MysTery said...

Thanks girl I will!!! :)

clnmike said...

Lol, Happy Birthday!!!!!!

MysTery said...

Thanks ya!

The Book said...

Aww Me Too!! ..LMAO j/k

FullComplexity said...

AW! I hope your bday was wonderful!

dc_speaks said...

um. happy belated brithday. lol
just doin some drive-bys.

MysTery said...

Thanks guys!