Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Self Realization...

Oh happy day
When someone can show me that they don't love me enough
But through the pain my spirit strengthens my mind so that I love me more that enough
So it doesn't matter what others show
Or don't
Praying to God
Asking for guidance and relief from this pain
He softly whispers into my ear
It's only temporary my dear
You deserve better
You deserve the best
Put NO man before me
You will be boutifully blessed
Don't worry about the future
Just do My will
Give up control
This is not your will, but Mine
Give up your pride
Or your circle of struggles and confusion will continue
Follow Me and I will not lead you astray
Do not worry about the small things in life
I will handle it all
I will take care of you

As I always have
Take my hand my child
For I have always been reaching for you...


Muze said...

very nice...

you have talent girl.

Eb the Celeb said...

yes... the toughest part is the PRIDE

dejanae said...


Natarsha said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing your poem with us. Very POTENT!


Potent Praise

DeLi said...

a time for self realization is always a muct, quite hard but a must

Don said...

enjoyed the read, mystery. i too have been told the same. God is the only way. His word. His promise. I am a sinner, but isn't it a beautiful thing how even sinners aren't forgotten.

His will - i agree.