Sunday, October 19, 2008

5x2 Lovekus...

Haven't written any haikus in a bit, here ya go Rich!

Is this moment real?
You gaze into my eyes and
My breath disappears
You inside of me
Filling me so completely
Dreams now appear real
You're so beautiful
You're touch amazing to me
The freak emerges
I melt onto you
Your life deep inside of me
Is this making love?
Lips exploring me
Seems I waited forever
You touch me at last
Fingers touch my hips

Anticipating, can't breathe
Rocky road ice cream
Kinky bedroom games
Hand cuffs or chocolate syrup
We'll have it our way
Beautiful music
You play me and I'll play you
Making love off key
Human treasure hunt
Have to find the hidden key
Tracing my body
We please to be pleased
Your pleasure exciting me
We come together

Hope you enjoyed! gotta get back into it! Much love!


The Book said...

aww sooky sooky now

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I wish I could write haiku's. :(

clnmike said...

That was pretty good, lol.

James Tubman said...

that was good

you have real talent

it doesnt surprise me

thats hard for a lot of people to get though

that we actually do things for the purpose of recieving in return

thats why it helps to put everything up front

sometimes its hard to do because you just want to be in the moment

but what can you say

if you dont do it then confusion is inevitable

i always ramble on your blog lol

MysTery said...

Lol you silly book.

You can Tee! Just practice, practice, practice!

Thanks mike.

Thank you very much james! You can ramble all you want lol.

rawdawgbuffalo said...

bang baby bang
i mean loved the verse

Xcentric Pryncess said...

wow - thanks for checking on me---I am doing okay, havent had the strength to write about much..but I see you have (fanning myself with a church fan)

Eb the Celeb said...

VEry sexy... I love it!

DeLi said...

the last part is moving, and sexy!