Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Changing of Habits

My daily routine:
Blaming you for this...
And for that
Tired of YOU making me so sad and angry

Time to take responsibility for
No more blaming you for me and what I do
The only one ever to blame....
No matter the circumstance

This is my personal tesimony right now and it is a interesting (hair pulling) by day...minute by minute...moment by moment...


Eb the Celeb said...

So true... the world would be a much better place if we pointed the finger at ourselves more often. I commend you for recognizing that.

dejanae said...

noone can make you feel what you refuse to allow them to
hope that made sense
newbie here

Mizrepresent said...

Hang in there lady...and find some love, a hug for YOU!

soumynona said...

"My DAILY ROUTINE" That's deep Ms Terry =>