Sunday, August 19, 2007


I am not: stupid
I hear: beautiful mellodies
I regret: letting my pride dictate my actions

I care: for me
I always: try to respect what u have to say
I long to: truly open up
I feel alone: when my esteem is low

I hide: my inner-most thoughts and fears
I drive: slow homie! yeah right
I sing: with the beautiful voice that God has given to me
I dance: from within

I write: sparingly
I breathe: as I am blessed to
I play: with my thoughts

I miss: my family
I search: for answers
I say: mostly what's on my mind
I feel: aggitated but blessed
I succeed(ed): by striving to become a better person

I fail(ed): to give up
I dream: of a better day
I sleep: hoping for the best
I wonder: what life will bring
I want: to live my fantasy
I worry: much less than I used to
I have: so much
I give: with the best of me

I fight: myself too often
I am: more than you will ever know
I can’t: wait to reach my full potential
I stay: in a state of spiritual growth and prayer
I will: love myself and others more

I can: feel love coming over me
I would: sing to the hills if I could
I might: let you win
I like: cotton candy and ice cream
I love: the feeling of true love, writing, or singing that perfect melody
I smile: beautifully
I frown: when I am hurt or angry
I read: whatever interests me

I work: on becoming the most innovative, fabulous and human me!

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Shelia said...

I enjoyed reading your "I"s. Hope you have a great week. Shelia