Sunday, August 19, 2007

Be present.

I was watching a sermon today and the preacher made some very valid statements. He said:

Fathers be present and affectionate in your daughters lives. Mentally and/or physically absent fathers cause promiscuity amongst their daughters. (The same goes for mothers/sons)

He also stated that a fellow preacher is involved in prison ministry. One of the first questions he would ask the men is : How many of your fathers told you that you were nothing, would never amount to nothing and will probably end up in prison. Almost every guy raises his hand.

Think about it...

Our roles as parents and future parents is very crucial in shaping our future as a people. Be wise.

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j.a.c. said...

Ain't this the truth. Nice post. Sweet and to the point.

Shelia said...

The parents' roles are so important and people don't realize how much until the kids are grown. Sadly, the 2 parent family structure is disappearing by leaps and bounds.

Mega Rich said...

Great post and very true -- I'm a living witness.

The Book said...

and this is why, when i become a parent, i plan on raising my child even if the my woman dont want me to have nothing to do with her..