Tuesday, July 31, 2007

God Wills Us to Be Happy and Successful!

It's ya girl!! Lol....this is fuuuuuny to me! But my homeboy said it actually looks like me....who knew??

God is gooooood. Yes He is.

More self realization going on. Thank you Lord.
I have been thinking about what I am doing with my life and what I could be doing with my life...time to get to the couldin! lol
About to stop typing about making a change and get down to it!!
Time to set some goals and put them on paper! :)

My stomak is actin up...oooooh. Tmi huh? Oh well.


I am always thinking how my purpose is to do God's will and I really never thought to break it down like this.... but this is how Ms. Vanzant said it:

Today I ask the Divine to use me.
Use my mind. Use my eyes. Use my ears. Use my hands. Use my feet.
Use my being and this gift of life to serve those in need.
Use me as an instrument of peace. Use me as a tool of strength. Use me as a vessel of patience and healing and love that I may serve those in need.
Let all that I am today be in service to your will.
Let all that I am today be in service to your love.
Let all that I give today be in service and alignment with your perfect plan for humanity.
Today, I am in Your service!

And so it is!!

And I am like dang! Sister broke it down. I think I really need to examine myself again and be more conscious of myself and how I am living my life.

God wants me to do what makes me happy, not just what pays the bills.

Yep yep....life is a trip.

Love is a trip...sometimes you just wanna smile so much that your face hurts and sometimes you wanna knock a hole through somethin. Oh well, no violence for me.

I miss my family. Ready to spend some time with them again...I really miss my homies...lol

Oh yeah, I finally spent sometime (whoo hooyah!) outside of the normal scene. Playing video games ect...mannnn I had fun. Think I might get addicted....uh oh....can I afford it!? lol

That really made we feel good, to be a kid again for a few or should I say, many hours!! lmao.

Anyway, hope you all continue to be blessed and do what makes you happy. If you aren't, hop to it!!!

Much Love.


The Book said...

I'd like some insite!

T.C. said...

live, love, laugh...i am reading this book entitled "eat, pray, love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, check into that...iuts a GREAT book about a woman doing just that, evaluating herslef! so its good in that it brings forth a lot of things you are alredy thinking and can help you explore yourself...just a thought

glad you are happy!
me too!