Friday, July 20, 2007

A Change Is A Comin...

Man, your girl is a little under the clouds today. But I am sitting here at work trying to work it out. Keep smiling I mean. Kinda scatterbrained today. Trying to focus, but it ain't workin. Oh welly.

Welllll, today. Hmmm? Let's see... The Lord is really taking me some places that I need to be. I am trying my best to learn to express the 'feminine' side of me. Cause your girl is a bit of a rough neck. But that's my norm, that's what I'm used to. Know what I mean?
Anyway I was reading someone's post and they were talking about how much they love thier man. This really touched me because there is this wonderful, irritating, loving, selfish, caring, smart mouthed, beautiful person that I am in love with. (Did I just say that!? ewww gross lol :O) I am constantly battling just the simple principle of relaxing and letting him love me. Who knew it would be this hard!! Oh My Goodness. A lifetime of lies and deceit will do that to you. But you can't live in the past right? Right. It's just hard to replace old habits with new ones. But I am tryin my damndest!!(is that even a word!? lol) So pray for ya sister!!

Along with that, it is so hard to be strong for someone when they are going through a financial/mental crisis. So hard because I want to go into save the world mode, but I can't. No matter how much I want to. Have to look out for me first. And that is exactly what I am learning to do. Learning to find that balance...Cause ya'll know men can be spoiled. Lol.

I just love this pic. Yessir!! :)

But uh...I read through a few blogs today and they gave me some inspiration, so I just want to thank you. (Sorry don't remember any names.)

Anyway, I hope that you all are blessed and grateful for every gift given to you.

Peacez and Blessingz.

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James said...

It's about damn time you listen!!! You better let him love you because everyone is not blessed to have that type of a "problem". Hell being broke is at most a momentary lapse in recurring binding; you can't pay for true agape unconditionally overflowing from fruitful reservoirs like the lips and in action. Communication the blood that flows to the heart that allow willing love to unconditionally remove the dead barriers of your brain. SO STOP THINKING SO MUCH AND ENJOY HIM!!!

MysTery said...

Thank you old angry black man. Lol!

Blu Jewel said...

i agree with James!

let go; let God, and live! you only get this once chance to live and very few to truly love or be loved, so allow yourself room to grow and to heal.

you can't save the world, but you can save yourself. after you save yourself, you are then armed with the tools to do for others in some way.

be blessed!

T.C. said...

how you were feeling on friday is how i am feeling today...letting someone love you is a hard thing to do, but I am glad that you are doing it...i had to learn to let me, spoiled, crazy, adoring, loving, caring, supportive, selfish, all over the place man-love me too! Communication and friendship will keep you strong!

Peace and blessings

Ebonne said...

I love WAK.. i have this pic along with the two solo pics in my living room. Although my favorite is light my fire... I have that hanging over my bed. My all time favorite by him. I want to get Leap out on faith woman version as well.