Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Who's the Master!!??

Today I am feeling a mixture of sadness and love. I actually feel kind of loved today. I am shocked!! Seems like God is putting me in positions to show my love in little ways to him and he is actually breaking his 'rule' and showing me that he notices and feels it! Yea me! ;)
And him too, of course.

You know how sometimes you feel someone is doing something because it is their duty? Instead of just doing it because they want to? Well, I happen to think that way about alot of people around me. And I am beginning to truly understand that the people that I deal with do things because they want to, not just because it is their duty. Guess it's that self pity thing gettin at me.

Anyway, I am actually starting to feel like he really and truly loves me....awww ain't that cute. May just have been me not wanting to believe...
We just came back from another wedding and I still ain't all hyped up about having one....but that's cool though. Still trying to get the basics of this relationship thing down.
Still learning the importance of releasing some of this pride and stubborness and doing what it is that God wants me to, in life period. I need to forgive and move on....but it's some hard stuff man...I just wanna be stubborn forever!!! Lol, just playin...anyway...

This is dedicated to Taimak aka Leroy Green!

Yesssssssss!!! Ummm hmm! God Bless America!

Who's the Master!???? I AM!!!!

Ok, ok I'm done.

God bless ya'll!!


j.a.c. said...

yes! where is that man now!! i remember him with his fine self!

The Book said...

LEROY!! .. man that dude is OLD now ..lol he was a crappy actor but a great fighter. i saw recent pics of that fool .. he was gray.. thats my boy!

T.C. said...

you are truly CLASSIC!