Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sporadic Ramblings...

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Say say say! My mind is goin every whicha way right about now! And I'm looooovin it!!! I love my friends! They are so great to me! 4real. Thank you Lord. Thank you for teaching me patience and the ability to see others within myself and vice versa. Thank you for showing me time and time again...that I am brrrriliant! :) Even when I don't see it myself.

Lovin it! Lovin life right about now! Just wanna dance, scream, and shout!!
Man, all of the above and then some!!Lol, don't know how long it is going to last to stay positive! ;) I hope that everyone has hopeful and inspiring days like these...they are great!

Why do I love him you ask?....
Just because!!! Ha Ha!!
I am finally at peace with saying that and not having to over analyzing it over and over and over again! (you go girl!!) ;)

Thank you Lord for making me, crafting me into being....Beautifully Human. :)

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