Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mass Confusion, But Steady Reaching 4 The Highest...

It has been such a long time since I have dropped anything on here. Man it's been quite a journey. Learnin the difference between lust and love. Cause I was lusting a bit last But in love I now find myself. The love stuff has me goin back and forth...OH MY GOODNESS~!!! Learning to realize that people are human, they will piss you the h&ll off. But love makes you stay; makes you smile despite the crazyness. Learning to compromise, to look over somethings, but still not settle for bull sh&t. Relationships are so crazy. Sometimes I just want to lose it, 4 real! But I try to maintain my sanity because I believe that is what God's wants for me. Lord continue to guide me...PLLLLEASE!

Speaking of such I am making it my business to devote so much more of myself to finding and expressing the spiritual side of me. Cause this devil knows your girl is crazy. Got to get my mind right. 4 real. Tired of letting things get the best of me. Life gets so frustrating sometimes. I just want to scream...But God continues to bless me despite my faults. That's beautiful for real when you think about it. Who else forgives you every single time and just keeps on giving??

Been performing a bit and it feels good (about time!! lol). Got to get back into my creative outlets. I have been blessed with too much to just let it go to waste.

So much to little So much to forgive...

My affirmation for the day: Today I choose a new beginning over the pain-filled memories of the past.

Much love to everyone...stay blessed.


The Book said...

As for me, I really dont know how it works myself. but after going through some things it makes me think differently about the situations i put myself in with a female. Its like Like im Opened minded on one side of the brain.

I feel the same about some of the things u mentioned but then I just need to get OUT more

Ms.T said...

Lol, you silly.