Sunday, August 01, 2010

Let's Reuse, Reduce and Recycle!!

Hello beautiful people!

Mama is tired! Lol! 

The babies are sleep and I should be too but I am addicted to the internet...SWAPMAMAS and FREECYCLE! I am addicted to swapping things with mamas instead of throwing them away! It's great! It's a shame what people waste. I am just getting started with freecycle, but it is great to give things to people rather than throwing them away! I am becoming all about recycling, getting things for free, decluttering, and saving money! Especially with twins!!!

My next venture is creating custom inspirational jewelry and jewelry for mothers of multiples, I have ordered some items from ebay and waiting for them to come in so I can get started!! :) Also thinking about becoming an event/wedding singer...means I have to get serious about my voice again...Lord how am I going to do all of this with my two babies in tow!! I don't know! Lol!!

Hope all is well beautiful people!!

Stay beautiful and put a smile on someone's face today!!

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