Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New...

So everyone is excited about the new year. That's good. I just want to get some r-e-s-t! Lol. Should be starting maternity leave in a few weeks and I will be bored out of my mind! Lol. But that's good as long as the babies stay in here and keep on cooking!

Want to write another poem about the babies....but a sister is tired all of the time shoot! :-/
Hopefully God will bless me with something soon.

Ready to get this baby furniture in the house so I can have something physical to see besides my stomach! lol. My friend just had her baby girl and I need to go visit her! Babies are so precious. :)

I love my man who gets on my nerves cause he takes such good care of me. :) lol. He really is a sweetie.

Ready for this 3 day weekend and after that working less days during the week....yay! lol. God is good.

Not much to say just wanted to stop by and tell you guys to be blessed and safe and enjoy your holiday!!

A message for the New Year:

Explore new possibilities

There are always plenty of possibilities, with new ones being born every moment. On a regular basis, pick a new possibility and explore it fully.

Turn down a road you've never traveled before, and find out what's there. Be curious, and let your curiosity lead you in the direction of new discoveries.

Inject some fresh, new experiences into your life. Challenge yourself and add richness to your life by stepping outside your regular routine.

Surprise your senses with things you've never experienced before. Wake up your spirit by uncovering previously hidden treasures in your world.

Add to life's list of joys. Give new depth and richness to your perspective.

The good things in your life are yours now because there was a time when you chose to find them. Explore some new possibilities, and there is much new value you can find.

-- Ralph Marston

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dejanae said...

happy new year hon
im mad late

MysTery said...

Thanks girlie!!

James Tubman said...

i know its late but happy new year anyway

cant wait to see the baby pictures

looks like its going to be an aquarius just like mommy

Don said...

happy 2010 to you as well. be blessed ad you already are, and enjoy yourself in the process.

MysTery said...

Thanks. :)