Saturday, May 23, 2009

Boy don't you know...

You're my lover my baby...That song is really in my head right now!

So glad to have a 3 day weekend! Yayyyy!! Rest is SO wonderful lol and God is SO good! I have started taking some classes to get my side hustle on! Wanting to join this church choir. Have to keep my mind and feet moving. Not let my current situation keep me down. Remembering that I am the master of my thoughts and I create my future. I will have what I want if only I believe. I am a beautiful child of God who is capable of ANYTHING! And so are you! ;)

Going to take this time to study and listen to my 4 Day Hour Work Week and 7 Habits of Successful People audio books. Maybe write a little bit.

Did I mention that I love my baby!? Lol, well yes I do. It still scares me so crazy.

You love me
No thought for yourself
My eyes smile

That's how I feel about him right now, lol.

I inhale
And your love fills me
warming my heart....

Sounds like a poem I need to finish...hmmm.

Hope things are well with you all!

Have a wonderful and restful memorial weekend!!


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

You definitely sound like a woman in love.

DeLi said...

i know that feeling. love is ownderfully amazing and scary and...the list goes on and on

Anonymous said...
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