Sunday, May 10, 2009

You Are What You Think About...

Hello my beautiful people!!! I hope that things are wonderful and lovely with you!

High energy huh? lol

I am blessed to be here today and working on replacing my negative thoughts with positive ones. I am looking to get into event planning and have been networking a bit and looking for resources to learn from (any suggestions??). Something pretty new for me! Boy I tell ya, after being stuck in a certain place for a while it is a BEAST working your way out. It seems God is bringing it together for me though, people telling me to give them a call and help them with projects. Sounds good to me! All I need to do now is follow through and succeed! (Lol sounds like a poem...)

The Secret has helped me to start to understand that we create our own reality with our thoughts, rather we realize it or not. So it is really time for me to change my thinking or I will continue to stay just where I am. Which is a no no! lol

What Is The Secret

I am actually excited about going to church now and actively being involved. Man I have been praying for that! So glad it is coming together because that is really step one I believe in getting everything else in my life together. I really need to blog more I am just so tired all of the time. :(
This will change...

Keep me in your prayers that I will follow through with the things that God has given me to do.



God bless you all.


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Good luck with the event planning. I was thinking about getting into the wedding planning biz myself.

MysTery said...

Thanks Tee!

兩津 said...
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