Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Whoa Momma!

Right now I feel really sullen and as far as God is if I don't pray or something I am going to lose my mind. That's weird and scary. I am going to have to get on that.

Anyway since the single life has started again, I have guys approaching me (like they wouldn't! lol). I know DARN well I am not ready to get involved with anyone again and if I would only be for one or two reasons (you know...).
I know what is right and what is wrong so I am chilling for now.

My question to you is, what is good/bad about having a rebound relationship/relations?

Be honest.

Preciate ya!



One Man’s Opinion said...

The bad thing about a rebound relationship is that you have not giving yourself,mind, a chance to heal. I can't think of one good thing about a rebound relationship. They are just cry outs for help, in a time of lost, in my opinion.

jus butterfli said...
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jus butterfli said...

well, in an effort to remain positive 1st... the good thing about a rebound relationship is (& this is a fli-ism) "all it takes to get over one man, quickly, is another!" terrible? maybe. true? DEFINITELY!

the bad thing about it is... the person who chooses to get involved with the rebounder usually gets hurt because they either catch feelings that the rebounder does not reciprocate or they get all the toxic shit, the rebounder had for the ex & should have taken time to work on before moving on, dumped in their laps and end up suffering for it. (sigh)

but! that's jus my opinion! :o)

thanks for stopping by to visit me the other day! peace! love!

Don said...

May I ask what are those one or two reasons? LOL.

I think the good is that you have someone who can relax you, although your mind will probably remain on the past love, at least for the time being it will.

The bad? Hmm. You'll get that H-Town in you, want that oooold thang back. Hey, you said be honest. LOL.

James Tubman said...

that is a good question mys tery

ive had a rebound several times

the only way it can be good is if you tell someone that you are on the rebound and you dont want to get too involved right now

if they are willing to agree than it could be a good thing

but if they try to use your need for comfort and reassurance to their advantage then thats probably not going to work out too well

i advocate that you go out with several men

so you can get a lot of your needs met without being too involved with just one

having more options always puts you in the position of power

MysTery said...

Interesting views everyone.

I feel you one.

Thanks for stopping by jus, please come again.

Don...BE QUIET! Lol

jtub wants me to be a player!
But 4real, I told a guy this once and he is now my ex....go figure. lol

shelia said...

Unless you have dealt with your feelings from the previous relationship, it's not fair to the new person to get involved with them. I'm not saying don't go out and have a good time but let the other person know that you're not looking for anything serious.

Rich said...

telling someone up front that you aren't looking for anything only works if you are a jump-off. since i know not what you look like I can only go by what you present here and feel that is not an adequate assessment of you. If you are the type of chick guys try to wife up, no matter what you tell them, it isnt going to work out well if you are on the rebound. Even the player will want you, because you will be the chick that doesn't falls for his game, thus he falls for you. Realizing you are what he has wanted all along.

got that link fixed -- good looking out.

Anonymous said...

Uhh...... Good thing? Like the old folks say, "Be good, or be good at it!" HAHA! But seriously, the good things is that it will replace the void in your life. The bad thing is.....It will replace the void in your life instead of filling it. A rebound relationship is bad because you can bounce back into the past love because (as stated before) you haven't fully healed from it. Being that I've done it before, my advice is DON'T DO IT!(the relationship that is) There's nothing wrong with a few dates, but not the committed relationship. Give it some time........

Muze said...

hmmm. i don't really know anything good about rebound relationships or relations.

i've had one and it didn't work out.

james is giving you bad advice! lol.

because if the men think you are nice and 'wifey' or gf material, there's gonna be all kinds of pressure to not hurt their feelings. and you'll lose in the end.

but maybe that's just MY experiences. lolol.

Eb the Celeb said...

The good is you want to feel loved and wanted again... even if its only one time or even though you know there is nothing deep there... everyone wants to feel wanted

the bad is... you emotions are heightened from the past relationship so you may find yourself falling for something or someone you usually wouldn't just because you are yearning for that companionship again

MysTery said...

Yeah I agree Shelia

Rich you are so correct! I might as well not pretend that is going to happen. and thanks sir!

Crunchy you are right...had forgotten I have been the rebound person before...

Yep Muze just like Rich said.

Eb that is VERY true and something I need to keep in mind.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

The bad part is when you end up hurting the rebound person because once you've gotten over your pain, you find you no longer want or need that person anymore.

X'WuN said...

I dont believe there are any goods to a rebound relationship in the sense of commitment and being together all the time but i believe that feeling sad and depressive over a man or woman is not the answer. We all have feelings and of course are going to be sad but go out meet people and just talk. Don't talk about your past relationships but rather about things that make you feel good to talk about. When im in a fight with my girl or we aint on speakin terms, the only thing i wish for at that moment is to be able to go out, meet people and talk about things that have no significance to a relationship.

arychtexas said...

The bad thing about a rebound is when that person start catching feeling you start realizing how they were nothing more than just a REBOUND so you hurt soimebody in the sucks but it help passes ALONE TIME!!!

MysTery said...

Yeah I agree with all of you. Don't want to hurt anyone...guess I have to get over my own selfishness.

rethots said...

...very enlightening.