Friday, August 22, 2008

Something on My Mind

My third post in 2 days. Wow, lol.

Anyways- My quote for the moment:

The easiest way for me to fall in love with a man is for him to show me that he is human. -Me :)

Have a good weekend! And go take a swim or something!! lol



jus butterfli said...

hmmm... very interesting!

i'm going 2 have 2 ponder that 1 a little while longer. now u've got me thinkn about the easiest way 4 me 2 fall in love w/ a man.

c? as much as i actually want 2 do it... i don't even want 2 think about falling in love! blogger is the devil! (LOL)

have i told u i love the energy over here @ your place?!!

peace! love!

arychtexas said...

your qoute is true but i think some people look for that "super"man. some one who can never "do" wrong

Don said...

Makes sense, cause the easiest way for me to fall in love with a woman is to show me that she is real.

Love the quote.

rethots said...

Oops, she's in love with me already.

MysTery said...

Thanks jus I am loving your energy too girl! And blogger is not the devil, lol!

Yeah arych I don't want the guy to show me how much he can mess up, just show me that he has a human element like....emotions! lol, 4real.

Thanks Don :) So stop fakin!! Lol, jk.

Aight then rethots!!

Mizrepresent said...

AHHAAHAHA, are they human?

MysTery said...

Lol, yes they are silly! lol