Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Cutie Pieee

Second post of the day!
So I just saw Stomp The Yard....yes, finally! And this man here is my new sweetie pie oooo weeezey!!

Dang it boy....If you don't put on some clothes...
Get away from my man!!

Oooo weeee are you looking at little old me??

Aight that's my little tribute to a beauuuutiful brown skinned brotha! Peace out!!


Pajnstl said...

ok i'm mad you're JUST seeing this movie! lol

I don't think columbus could get it though. he could lick it... but not get it lol

MysTery said...

Girl you are SO crazy!! lol

dejanae said...

he aint bad

Don said...

i see it was perfect timing - my fantasy post. LOL. meagan good looks like a damn black barbie doll.

James Tubman said...


jus butterfli said...

jus when i thought we were going 2 be alright, i come over here & see u've posted pics of damn man!!


i LOVE columbus! i think i watched stomp the yard a zillion times jus 2 hear his sexy-ass voice! & the lips. the abs. the... everythg! my lawd!

whew. why did it jus get so warm in here?? (LOL)

peace! love!

MysTery said...

LMBO!! Jus girl you have me rolling over here. But that man is nice! I don't care what anybody says.

Muze said...

whew. i'm with butterfli.

his sexy voice just does something to me. and yeah, i'm MAD that you're just seeing this too.

girl i bought the dvd as soon as it came out. love that man. whew i'd give him babies. mm mm mm. lol.

the body, the voice, and he can dance.

work it out. lol.

Eb the Celeb said...

he's such a cutie but he's short

Darius T. Williams said...

Um...he's OUR cutie pie...for real.