Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Want to Hop on the Beach!!

I just want to go somewhere where I can breathe some warm healing heavenly sunshine in and replace this sorrow that I am feeling

Ahhh man.................I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH DANG IT!!

I was talking to my homeboy yesterday and he said it sounded like I was doing some poetry. LOL! I had to change my speech then. lol that is a trip.

To my fellow texans....and everybody else...

Dracula's Wedding- Outkast
You're all i've ever wanted, but i'm terrified of you
My castle may be haunted, but i'm terrified of you
I've cast my spell on millions, but i'm terrified of you
Baby i do this from the ceiling, but i'm terrified of you

[bridge]I wait my whole life to bite the right one
Then you come along and that freaks me out
So i'm frightened..(oh!).....Dracula's wedding

I've never ran from no one, but i'm terrified of you
See my heartbeat is a slow one, but i'm terrified of you
I've been around for ages, but i'm terrified of you
Put my fang across the stage, but yet i'm terrified of you....

I am SOOOOOOO feeling this right about

I may be thinking a little too much of myself right now but uh...

What are you really afraid of ????

Lol. (Inside joke :) )

Enough about my crazy mind set right now. Have a lovely day people!

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Ms. Behaving--> said...

Death and failure are running neck and neck in my book...
They are both things that I'm really afraid of.