Thursday, January 10, 2008

Venting... (A Prayer)

Ok, maybe this is a post I should keep to myself. But hey it's how I feel right now.
Right at this moment I am fighting myself not to go back to being the non caring, cynical person that I have been in the past.
It just seems when you are nice to people, they are bound to take you for granted. Well, I am getting a bit fed up. FED....UP.
People say they like me because I am an honest person. Well, when I am honest about something people get extra defensive. I feel like they need to make up their minds. I know, people are human. I must remember this. I just think it is just that I am fed up at the moment. Feel like just telling people if you can't know what to do. But that is a bit insensitive. Ooooo, I really need to pray. Lord take over my words, actions, thoughts. PLEASE. Because if you don't I am really going to hurt some feelings....Amen. :)

1 comment:

Ms. Behaving said...

This here is your blog...
Your place to say what YOU feel and whoever can't deal with that...probably shouldn't be here so I say get it off your chest...let the world know how you're feeling.

When it's all said and done, I'm sure it will make you feel better. :-)

Hope things worked themselves out!!!