Saturday, August 07, 2010

Motivation and a day out with the kiddos!

Had a great time out with the babies today! Everybody held them and spoiled them! lol 
I usually wait until daddy gets home and then leave them with him to run errands, but I decided to give him a break and go socialize today. It was nice. :)

I got these in the mail today!!

I am REALLY getting excited!!! Lol! I haven't been this excited about anything besides the birth of my babies in a GOOD while! lol  When my other supplies come will be ON!!! 

I am learning Ribbon in the Sky since I said I would start singing at weddings....trying to keep the momentum going!!! 
....Just wrote a poem. Can't believe it! I haven't written in so long.

Have several board meeting to attend in the next few days! I love being a SAHM and volunteering! What a blessing!

Take care!!

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