Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Twinny Twin Twins!!

Hello Blog word!

I have been pretty busy lately. Taking care of my little cuties and working. They were 5.1 and 5.13 lbs when they were born in February and now they are near 9- 10 lbs. I can't believe it! Their features have developed so much and they are starting to try to talk and they smile and laugh so much! I love it! :)

I was singing to them the other day and they were both just staring at me and smiling. WOW. What a wonderful (blushing).

Today is my last day at on to the stay at home life! Trying my best not to worry about finances and the fact that I won't have health insurance....(biting my nails for real). I don't know...any advice??

Anyway, I look forward to being home with them even though I will be TIRED!!! Lol.

I went to a retreat last weekend and slept HARD!!!! LOL! I really needed that to have time to sit and talk to God and reconnect with him. It was also nice to fellowship with other Christian women. What a blessing. I recommend it highly to all of you.

I still missed my babies though!! Everybody kept asking about them...I was like they are doing well :( lol

Just wanted to post a quick update! I hope everyone is doing well and being a blessing!

Keep us in your prayers!!

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Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Aaaaawwww! Sounds like you are really enjoying those babies of yours. I love it.

MysTery said...

I am girl. :)

T.C. said...

i definitely think that the stay at home lifestyle will keep you running...enjoy it
and with the price of day care for just ONE baby i couldn't imagine two...GOD will ALWAYS make a way! Just keep praising him and loving them babies

Comic Pregnancy said...

Congrats on your darlings!
Love and smiles
Comic Pregnancy