Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Countdown...

Sitting here thinking about how I miss blogging and reading blogs. Just visited JAC’s blog. Love it. Wishing her God’s blessing on her journey!!
Need to get back on my spiritual game, for real. Worrying about things that I know God will take care of…a weakness of mine. He has always taken care of me…why do I continue to doubt??

Sitting here with my big belly, lol. The little ones holding strong almost 38 weeks! I am hoping for a safe and healthy delivery for all 3 of us. My little girl is breeched…smh…but we will see what happens come delivery time. It’s getting close!!! Ooo wee!!

I was sitting over here feeling sad and then I started watching This Is It. It is amazing how MJ inspires me even during my pregnancy blues. Lol, love that man’s musicality! Man. I miss performing so much! Thriller! Oh my bad. I’m back.
Want to clean up but these babies have me SOOO tired!!! That sucks! I feel so helpless sometimes…guess I should be happy to have some quiet time and nothing to do…

Keep us in your prayers!!

Any good scriptures on motherhood, please share! Thanks!

~ Be blessed!! ~


T.C. said...

you guys are definitely in my prayers...ironically i am listening to "dancing machine" as i was reading your making it to 38 weeks is a BLESSING! totally happy for the 4 of you!

FullComplexity said...

Hey lady!!

Congratulations on the pregnancy!! AWWW!!!!! You all will definitely be in my prayers. And you're right, He will supply all of your needs. All He asks is that you have faith and trust Him to do it. =)

L said...

I haven't seen that movie but I definitely heard good things. I'm going to have to check it out soon!

MysTery said...

Thank you ladies!!! Tomorrow is the big day!!!