Sunday, November 08, 2009

6 months and counting...

Whew. I have been tired tired tired today. These babies taking my energy lol. I went to see my line sister who just had a little boy this week. He is so precious!! :D

I saw This Is It last weekend...mannnnn...RIP Mike!! I want to see it again.

Still getting used to the idea that so much is about to change in my life and dealing with these crazy emotions. I will NOT miss this after I have the babies!! lol.

I am excited about our baby shower coming and gifts!! Yay! lol. Wishing I could work less hours at work or something...shoot.

Heard a great sermon at church today. :D So glad I went.
Working on my faith because I believe this pregnancy has been one of the great tests of my life... has me thinking about SO many things...guess I better get ready for more to come! LOL.

Hope things are well and blessed with you all!!

~My prayers go up for those affected by the shootings in Fort Hood, Texas.~


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Girly you are truly blessed.

MysTery said...

Awww. Thanks Tee.

James Tubman said...


im sorry i havent been here in a while but are you having twins

i hope you have very supportive people in your life that are helping you through this ordeal

if you need someone to talk to my email is