Saturday, April 04, 2009

An Awakening...

Hola mama citas! Did I spell that right? lol

I have been in a semi world wind it seems. Happy , then really sad, then just neutral. It's weird. Dealing with the journey of being in a relationship. Oooo wee. Still love my CRAZY baby though. Lol. I'm learning patience through this journey though.

So anxious about something...ready to jump and move...NOW! But I know God moves in his own time. So each and every day I am working to remember that and hopefully to get rid of this anxiety. For real. Ya'll pray for me please.

I want all of those around me to be prosperous and really love themselves. But the best teacher is a good example. So I am working on eating better and thinking positively. My sistas check out when you have time.

Well I am currently on a 30 day journey to change my life and thought process to things positive. God be with me! I have been reviewing The Secret (by Rhonda Byrne) again and how important it is to have positive thoughts to attract positive things. I sat down and realized that negative thoughts and feelings are part of my life DAILY and that REALLY REALLY needs to change. It just seems so hard because that is what I am used to. It's crazy. So, we will see....

I was telling my home girl how I felt and this is what she said to me:

just always remember whose u are and that he is royalty which makes u royalty
and u are a woman of God and ur worth is far about rubies so nothing is better than you
and that if he be for you he is more than all things against you
remember those things when ur down and u will lift urself right back up

Man I love my friends!!!! :D

I miss my man...haven't seen him this week, probably won't see him until next weekend...that sucks.

See there goes another negative thought! lol

A few words from Ralph:

Yes, you are ready

There is no limit to the number of ways in which you can create real value. Breathe deeply, smile lovingly, and just do it. The moment you're in is plenty. The place where you are is an ideal place from which to move forward. Instead of punishing yourself with regret, delight yourself with the possibilities. Get busy creating and living a beautiful now. Yes, you are ready to be your best. Let go of the doubts and let it happen. You can create your very own future, and you are doing so even now. Take this opportunity to fill it with what you know to be good and valuable and meaningful. There is immense beauty in you that you have not yet seen. Share it with the world and live the joy of discovery as that beauty continues to unfold.

Think a new thought

Think a new thought, and the whole world changes in front of your eyes. Adopt a new perspective, and you enter a new reality. What seems to be out there is precisely your perception and interpretation of what's out there. And as such, you can truly make it whatever you choose. At your core is a purpose that provides an endless source of energy. It is new and bright and sparkling in every moment. Seek to know the truth of that purpose, and notice how it feels so very right. Let it be the lens through which you see all else. Know where you are coming from, and you will know where to go. Know where to go, and you will be there.

-- Ralph Marston

What I'm jammin:

Tell Him - Lauryn Hill

~Have a GREAT weekend!!!~


Eb the Celeb said...

Great advice.. thx for sharing

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Good luck on the 30 day project my friend!

MysTery said...

No prob Eb!

Thanks Tee! Hope all is well!