Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We made it, we made it

SO Ike came and did the fool Saturday morning. Nature don't be playin! Do you hear me!?

Ya girl was paranoid! Oooo wee.
When I think about the aftermath of the hurricane, the song
We made it comes to mind by Sunni Patterson.

Talking about forced relaxation. Been reading and sleeping for like 4 days straight...sad. That's so funny cause Don told me to take a step back on my last post. Well thanks Don! lol, jk bro.

Just made me realize what we take for granted these days. Like water, electricity and, food.
I am blessed that my apartment and car is still in good condition unlike some people. :(
You are in my prayers where ever you are.

So people please take a second and be grateful for all that you have. Because it is not always guaranteed. 4real.

The 'unofficial' song for Houston after Hurricane Ike! ;)

Just found out my grandfather is back in the hospital. So please pray for him. Got me feeling bad. :(

Thinking about teaching....what do you think??

May go voluteer somewhere to hand out food when I get off. We will see.

Words from Mr. Ralph...

Purposeful Determination

What is the difference between desperation and determination? The difference comes from having a positive, meaningful direction.

The energy of desperation is wasted on self-pity and negativity. That can lead to destructive behavior, which only makes the sense of desperation worse.

Yet by choosing a positive orientation, you can always transform the self-defeating energy of your desperation into solid, potent determination. By applying that energy toward a positive purpose, you can make great and valuable improvements in your world.

If you become dismayed, discouraged or even desperate, recognize that there's a positive opportunity. For it signals that you are ready and willing to be genuinely determined.

And when determination fuels your actions, those actions bring real results. Persistence, effectiveness and power flow naturally and solidly from purposeful determination.

Just one step away from desperation is the energy of determination. Take that step, and put all that energy to good use.


The Next Step

Adversity is only adversity. Choose not to make it anything more.

Adversity will affect the circumstances in which you live and work. Yet you do not have to let it affect who you are, or where you're headed, or what you're able to do.

Take note of the setbacks and adjust to them. But don't expand on them by making them a part of you.

Instead, use each instance of adversity as a reminder of why you have chosen to move in the direction you are moving. Use each setback as an opportunity to redouble your positive, forward-looking efforts.

Every day brings new value and new possibilities. There is always a way to take the next step forward on the path you have chosen.

Find that step today and take it. No mere circumstance can stop you from moving steadily and joyfully forward in the direction of your dreams.

-- Ralph Marston

Hope you all have been good these last few days! Peace out!


The Book said...

hi dear

James Tubman said...

im glad you are okay too home skillet

are you in florida

i think thats a stupid question

at least it wasnt as bad as haiti

haiti has been getting hit hard from every angle by merciless huricanes

i hope somebody is trying to take care of those people

James Tubman said...


and i really love your positive energy

thats how it is with eaaaaaaaasy going aquarious

i really need to get off the astrology kick

Muze said...

glad you are okay lady. *smiles*

ike tore the club up. many prayers to the people affected.

many prayers to your grandfather too. :(

teaching sounds good! was thinking about doing it myself. what grade would you be, or like to be teaching?

LOVE that 'adversity is only adversity'. maaaan i needed to read that.

hope all is well lady!

clnmike said...

Glad your ok, that was a hell of a hurricane.

BlackSheep6 said...

It's funny how Ike will be know as the hurricane that inconvenienced many and devastated a city; somehow we all came together as neighbors in the midst of it all. Strange: are we too blessed to be concerned with others or too selfish to waste quality time on building true community. ~ Glad you're safe; now to get back to that good ole J.O.B.

Don said...

First off, best wishes to your grandmother. Nothing but love for Grandmothers.

I think those 4 days of sleep are well-deseved. I wish I could trade for 'em. LOL.

Ralph Marston came with a great quote concerning Adversity - that's it, and nothing more. I feel that.

I heard the Hurricane did its thang. Glad that you and other bloggers are doing well.

MysTery said...

hush book!

Thanks james :) No sir, I'm in the H. and thanks sir! I like to keep the positive energy going!

Thanks muze. Thinking about something around 9th grade maybe.

Thanks Mike. ;)

6, disaster always brings out the best or worst in people. Good to see it brought out the best in many people and created a stronger bond of unity in Houston. That's what's up.

Thanks crazy Don. Yeah man, I got some good rest. :) And it was my grandfather, but he is good now. Thank God!

Don said...

Hey, I went and watched that We Made It video again last night. Mannnn, that lady scares me with the smile on her face when she speaks her words. Almost sounds like she has something voodoo-ish planned for America.

I'm just saying. LOL.

FullComplexity said...

So glad you made it!!!!!

And my prayers go out to your grandfather, you, and your family!

MysTery said...

Lol! Don you are crazy!

Thanks Full! :)

T.C. said...

i don't know how i missd that you are in Houston (one of my dearest homegurls is out there too) so I am glad that you are doing well...

and i will keep your family in my positive thoughts and prayers

MysTery said...

Thanks T.C.! Back atcha!