Friday, September 05, 2008

Thank God it's friday....about to go parrrtayyyy! Whoo!

So Muze has me looking at Kimono dresses and tops and pheening for one with no money! lol

*sighing* day...

My Ralph inspirations for today and the weekend!:

This day is yours to experience. This life is yours to live.
This world is a place in which you can act to make a positive, meaningful difference. This moment is one that's filled with possibilities.

It can often be difficult to make your way forward, and it is all too easy to lose sight of the unique and beautiful person you truly are. Take time to remember the best that is within you, and know that your authentic, miraculous life is stronger than any obstacle.

Choose to fill this day with your very own special expression of what it means to be alive. Right now is your opportunity to fulfill those yearnings that have always called to you.

You have the power to take any ordinary moment and put joy into it. Your happiness comes not from what you may seek to take away from life but from what you give, what you create, and what you share.

This is your moment to live with all the purpose and richness you can imagine. Realize that nothing is really holding you back, and make this the best day ever.
Abundance and gratitude are inextricably linked. By living with gratitude, you open yourself to life's immense abundance.

If you are a little bit thankful for this, and a little thankful for that, just every so often, you'll have glimpses of abundance. When you enable and allow yourself to be continuously thankful for every big and little thing, your life will be immersed in abundance all the time.

It may seem strange to feel thankful for those events in your life that appear to be negative. Yet it is precisely by being thankful that you can identify the opportunities for transforming the setbacks and obstacles into successes.

You may not think it's worth the time and effort to be thankful for all the little, seemingly insignificant things in your life. However, without the little things there would be no big things.

Seek to develop a depth of gratitude by seizing every opportunity to be thankful. Make genuine gratitude a constant companion to who you are, in all that you do.

As your gratitude grows deeper and more all-encompassing, life's abundance shines more brilliantly for you. Be truly, constantly thankful, and there is no end to the level of abundance that you will experience.

-- Ralph Marston

Quotes for the day:

'All too often the difference between success and failure, progress and regress, happiness and depression--and, yes, balance and imbalance--is simply a matter of perspective.'
-Paul Wilson

'Circumstances are the rulers of the weak; they are but the instruments of the wise.'
-Samuel Lover

Have a good one ya'll! :)


Mizrepresent said...

I love those dresses and i love these quotes!

James Tubman said...

if you are grateful for everything god gave you, you will be happy every single day of your life

why is this so hard to remember

and dont worry gurly

one day you'll have that komono

i might even cop one for you :)

Pajnstl said...

cute dresses! great quotes!

have a good weekend

clnmike said...

I like the quotes and the dresses seem easy to take off so there cool with me.

koffeedyme said...

I love the yellow!!!

dejanae said...

love the inspiration
im too broke to buy dresses too

T.C. said...

the dresses are fab! and the message is right on time!

MysTery said...

Thanks Miz!

james you are SO correct. And uh hook a sista up! lol

Thanks pan! Hope you had a good one too!

mike! lol you are silly.

I love the yellow too koff.

thanks T.C.!!!

Muze said...

girl that yellow one is cute!