Friday, August 15, 2008

Forgiving Me

I Forgive You

For staying with you when I felt like you never truly loved or respected me or yourself
For staying around when I felt you would one day grow a back bone and show others that you deserve to be treated with respect
For expecting you to understand on your own

For expecting you to stop being so defensive
For expecting you to to know how to treat me as a lady
For trying to love you enough for the both of us
For expecting you to be a man when to me it seems you never were
For expecting you to be a man with childish moments when it seemed you were more like a child with grown up man moments
For being angry at you because you couldn't take it...or whatever the reason(s) may be
You are only human
For allowing myself to feel sorry for you

For turning that feeling into an action of support and love and not realizing that it would not be enough
For being pissed the h%ll off that you shut me out after it all...when you knew that is the second worse way to hurt me second to cheating or laying a hand...
For feeling bad that I had and have these thoughts because to me they are the truth
Maybe they will change one day...
That being said,
I forgive you, yes me for running from these feelings when it's quite clear that they remain true to me.



Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i forgive
but cant 4get

Eb the Celeb said...

We truly do forgives to be a to be at peace with our own soul and not for the other person... it takes a helluva lot more energy not to forgive someone

James Tubman said...

you forgive because you realize that all people are human and we all make mistakes

and by also realizing that the people who try to hurt others are really hurt themselves

\and knocking someone down is the only way they can truly feel good

that person needs your pity more than anything else

that doesnt mean you have to stay with them of course lol

MysTery said...

Yeah Eb I spent alot of energy in the past not forgiving people...

And aight James! lol

jus butterfli said...

hey there!

ahhh... 4giveness! such a bold & sometimes frightening word, right? but! i love this post.

1 of the thgs i posted during "food 4 the soul friday" said, it isn't always enough 2B 4given by others. sometimes, you have 2 learn 2 4give yourself.

i'm glad u know u're worthy of your own forgiveness! thank u 4 sharing this!

peace! love!

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Great post! Forgiveness is very hard at times but crucial.

Don said...

I felt this post, cause I too took the time to finally forgive myself. Now if I can simply find it within my heart to forgive a few others, I'd be onto something. LOL.

All jokes aside, I feel you on this one.

Rich said...

Work it out girl, work it out.

MysTery said...

butterfli thank you too girl!

Yes it is Diva.

Lol, yeah Don I am still working on forgiving him too cause uh right now it ain't workin! But I feel you.

Thank you Rich. I am workin, yes I am...

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